Solutions for demanding industries

Whether in heavily regulated industries like finance and healthcare, or high-volume organizations like education with thousands of devices, Lifetime can build reverse logistics programs optimized for your needs.


Lifetime’s program for education can help K-12 districts and higher education systems optimize their technology budgets by extending the life of Chromebooks, classroom electronics, and other devices. We handle end-of-year collection, testing, refurbishment, repair, and recycling of devices to maximize reuse and securely destroy or remove legacy data.

  • K-12 Districts

  • Shared Services Organizations
  • Colleges and Universities


Lifetime understands the complex device needs of the healthcare industry. Healthcare professionals need functioning, reliable devices so they can serve patients, hospital administrators need to watch spending, and HIPPA and other patient privacy data requirements must be adhered to. We’re driven to provide world-class service for our healthcare partners.

  • Hospitals
  • Urgent Care Centers
  • Private Medical Practices


Lifetime’s focus on data security provides corporate confidence in addition to IT CapEx savings for financial institutions managing thousands of endpoint devices. Choosing Lifetime as your repair/end-of-life partner can provide measurable financial savings and deliver cybersecurity peace-of- mind by safely keeping your devices in service longer.

  • Banks and Credit Unions
  • Brokerage Firms
  • Insurance Companies


Electronic devices are critical to the operation of all levels of government, and our programs for quick device substitution and refurbishment ensure that agencies can keep their staff equipped while managing costs. Both of Lifetime’s facilities are CMMC compliant, indicating our readiness to work with government entities by adhering to strict data handling protocols.

  • State Agencies
  • County and Local Governments
  • Public Utilities and Services

Third-party Administrators

Our longstanding relationship with several major TPAs comes from our outstanding performance and ability to quickly turnaround repairs and manage communications. Insurers trust Lifetime as an authorized repair shop and are confident that we’ll effectively diagnose problems, communicate with end-users, and determine the most efficient and sustainable way to dispose of devices.

  • Technology Insurance Companies
  • Warranty Providers
  • Consumer Benefit Administrators