Complete Reverse Logistics

Lifetime Service can support all of your needs for reverse logistics and device lifecycle management through custom-designed programs. We develop comprehensive solutions, from end-to-end customer communication to facilitate and track device returns through testing, repair, and refurbishment of devices. Our ISO certifications mean we meet rigorous quality and process improvement standards and information security and data protection standards.

Comprehensive, turnkey solutions

Lifetime Service & Solutions can handle your device lifecycle needs at any stage


Let us be your outsourced logistics arm for device returns. We can serve as the primary point-of-contact for device end-users and handle the entire process of facilitating returns, including end-to-end automated communication with users, customer support, return labels, and facilitating 3-way shipping with fast turnaround.


In coordination with OEM parameters, Lifetime is developing state-of-the-art automated testing applications based on objective measurements to render device diagnoses. Lifetime's advanced techniques allow us to scale service models and quickly process devices to diagnose malfunctions.


We receive products in need of repair from 100+ different categories weekly, from major enterprise electronics manufacturers to third tier device producers. Repair can save 25-90% of the cost of replacement. Lifetime can handle board- or component-level repairs with an average 3-day turnaround time.


We create of B-stock inventory from defective devices. Our stock of refurbished items can eliminate days of downtime. By extending product lifecycles through refurbishment, we keep devices in service and help organizations address environmental and budgetary goals for device management.

Parts & Spares

Access quick-ship parts inventory and spares for fast replacement and field swap-outs. Lifetime can prebuild and/or kit items in a controlled environment for faster, more reliable delivery. Long-term relationships let us develop proactive, predictive inventory levels for parts and spares, based on your needs.


We act as the first link in the recycling chain by reclaiming OEM parts for future reuse in repairs. Llifetime Service & Solutions is a certified NYSDEC drop-off facility and we partner with R2/RIOS certified recycler. We stay on top of emerging standards and geo-specific legislation about e-waste disposal.

Consumer Repair Services


•  CD Players
•  VD Players
•  Receivers
•  Digital Cameras
•  Speaker Docks


•  Microconsoles
•  Dedicated Consoles
•  Handhelds


•  Mobile Phones
•  Tablets
•  Laptops
•  Radios


•  Drills
•  Vacuums
•  Carpet Cleaners
•  Fans


•  Amps
•  Mixers
•  Mics
•  Speakers
•  Audio Interfaces


•  Coffee Makers
•  Blenders


•  Western New York Only

Business Repair Services


•  Lower your technology budget: Repairing broken electronics costs half of what you pay for brand new devices. Extending the life of devices reduces your capital outlay.

•  Keep personalized devices: Your employees already have their accounts set up and apps downloaded to fit their needs; it’s a hassle to set up a new device. 

•  Reduce e-waste footprint: The US produces tens of millions of tons of eWaste each year. Responsible device management can harvest and reuse parts and recycle devices to protect our planet.


•  Industry-leading turnaround times: The average repair rate for tablets is less than a day, with laptops and gaming devices an average of 2 days. Pro Audio units average 5.2 days.

•  Decades of qualified expertise: We have been repairing electronics for 30+ years. We are constantly improving quality management and adapting to the demands of information security and data protection when it comes to repairing or responsibly disposing of devices.

•  ISO: 9001 certified and BBB A+ rating: We are a customer-centric company always striving to give you the best experience possible and we have the processes in place to ensure we provide quality and value to you


•  Online account portal access: We’ve made your business account even easier to use by creating an online portal for all your past and present claims.

•  Individual account management: Whether you require weekly, monthly or occasional reporting, automatic emails or immediate downloads are available.

•  Exchange transportation available: We will work with you to arrange for pick-up and drop-off transportation based on your business needs.

Complete Reverse Logistics

Our company has set in place the regulated systems needed to produce results and provide our clients with reverse logistics solutions tailored to specific needs. We offer Relationship Management including complete call center activity from the first call through service request conclusion and customizable technical phone support. Parts Inventory and Fulfillment. Repair including component level repair process attaining less than 3 day turnaround time. Shipping with transportation options including 3-leg process, Advanced or Quick Exchange for shipping exchange when a defective unit is received. Refurbish by creating B-stock inventory from defective units as well as Package-Label-Return to ship refurbished units to distribution centers. Replace with new or B-stock units, Re-Pack including quality control to classify returns to create inventory for re-sale, and Recycling, as we are a certified NYSDEC drop off facility.

•  Asset Recovery
•  Returns Management
•  Fraud Protection
•  After-sales Support
•  Call Center Management
•  Customer Product Triage
•  Pick, Pack, Ship Distribution
•  Warehousing and Fulfillment

Contact Us

With locations in both New York and California,

we will have your repair returned to you quickly and in a timely manner.


1955 Wehrle Drive
Williamsville, NY 14221

3190 Chicago Avenue
Riverside, CA 92507

Contact Us

With locations in both New York and California,

we will have your repair returned to you quickly and in a timely manner.


1955 Wehrle Drive
Williamsville, NY 14221

3190 Chicago Avenue
Riverside, CA 92507



1955 Wehrle Drive
Williamsville, NY 14221

3190 Chicago Avenue
Riverside, CA 92507


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